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Uedify, pronounced "you edify", is a mobile marketplace where anyone can find or become a freelance tutor. Not just for academic courses but for anything from how to fix a car, ride a horse, or how to play guitar. Uedify provides an easy to use platform that allows users to sign up quickly as a tutor where they can start earning extra money teaching custom on-site, hosted, audio only, and live video classes. All integrated within the Uedify app and with no restrictions on their availability and pricing.


Uedify was created in Fresno, CA with one goal in mind and that was to change the way people teach and learn. The mission is to create a network of mentors spanning the entire globe that is ready to teach their expertise on-demand to students at the flick of a button. Sometimes all it takes to spark someone's genius is the right tutor. Could that tutor be you?

Streaming sites have a lot of information, but a lot of it is static. That is what Uedify wants to eliminate - the lack of human interaction and collaboration during online learning. We want to bring back the human aspect to the coaching process. By personalizing learning and making it easy to earn money, Uedify aims to become the world's largest marketplace for freelance tutors.

Please feel free to reach out for press releases or just to ask questions and don't forget to download the app today on Google Play and the App Store!



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