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Live video, audio, on-site, and hosted classes taught by freelance tutors.

We aim to change the way the world spreads wisdom.

Uedify (you-edify) is a revolutionary startup that aims to create technology solutions to help communities and edify the masses. Use the Uedify App to create or purchase live video, audio, and in-person classes from around the world as a tutor or student directly from your fingertips or join us in our Co-Lab coworking space in Fresno, California!

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Easily search and find mentors and tutors in any career field, hobby, or educational curriculum. With Uedify, the world is your classroom.

Find your perfect

Find the perfect freelance coach to teach you new skills on the Uedify mobile app, or become a coach yourself!

Find the perfect coach to teach you new skills!

Follow freelance tutors across the world and find the perfect coach that speaks to you. No need to watch prerecorded videos that you have to skip through. Now you can find a LIVE coach to teach you in any subject you would like to know more about. Uedify brings wisdom to your fingertips.

Teach and attend live classes worldwide.

On Uedify, Students find Tutors coaching classes on any subject or career trade worldwide. With on-demand Hosted, On-Site, Video, and Audio class options, the ability to reach a local expert to share their knowledge is more accessible than ever.

Earn as a freelance tutor on your own time.

Uedify is a grassroots movement that brings the opportunity to become a tutor to anyone. Build your following of students and earn money teaching the tricks of your trade directly on the app! Tutors are able to set their own availability, pricing, and class structure with an easy to use calendar!

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Are you an experienced individual who would like to earn extra money on the side teaching your trade? Uedify provides a platform that allows you to teach your wisdom in any skilled trade in the world. Once approved, enjoy the freelance freedom of teaching others at your pace.
Apply to be one of our tutors and get noticed for your coaching and mentor abilities. Easy booking of appointments and collaboration with your students provides a smooth tutoring experience. Start today to help others seeking guidance reach their educational and career goals.
Download today to start teaching others your skills!
Uedify brings the ability to be a hands-on teacher to anyone and everyone. Find or become a freelance tutor today!
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